Sage Backing Up And Moving Worksheets

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To share and backup ( and restore ) you need to somehow get a copy of the worksheet and then place it in another worksheet. How this is done depends somewhat on how you are situated, are you always on the same computer, or on the the same Sage Notebook server? We will give a series of different techniques, you need to pick out what fits your situation.

Within one Sage Notebook Server

  • If you are always on the same server you can simply save and reopen a worksheet. This does not provide much of a backup if there is a problem on the server.
  • If you change the name of the worksheet, the one with the old name is gone. Instead make a copy ( File… => Copy worksheet ) then rename ( File… => Rename worksheet ).
  • One way to share a file is to publish it on a server <Publish>. Anyone on the same server can then go to the Published worksheet page ( from the main page <Pu

blished>, open the file and then edit it to their own space.

Across or within a Notebook Server.

  • For backup when you are in the worksheet you can use ( File… => Save worksheet to a file ). This will produce a *.sws file which can be moved to any server and restored with ( File… => Load worksheet from a file ) . This is also a way to share a worksheet with a friend.
  • *.sws files can also be saved in bulk. From the main page check off the worksheets you are interested in. Then hit <download> all your files will be downloaded as a zip file ( you will need to unzip to get to the individual files and reload them ) The whole zip package can be reloaded with the <upload> button on the main page.
  • Be careful when restoring files, you may destroy a file you want by overwriting it.
  • There are other lesser methods that I plan to cover in the future……

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